Portable power, precision & comfort

Make boat handling a breeze with the ergonomic tiller handle, perfectly sized and positioned to give you comfort and confidence on the water. A separate helm and throttle is available for console boats, giving you greater control and ease of handling. Combine this with incredibly quiet operation and you have a more authentic, leisure boating experience from a portable engine.

The B 6hp is an impressively high torque engine, ideally suited to powering larger, heavier boats. It is very economical to run, making it ideal for river boats and commercial users. The Shallow Water Drive System and optional Dual-Thrust propeller gives you power and flexibility in any environment.

At a glance

  • Choose from tiller handle or remote control
  • Enhanced, ergonomic tiller handle
  • Remarkable power and impressive torque
  • Start-in-gear' protection
  • Fresh Water Flushing system
  • Onboard battery charging via lighting coil, fitted as standard
  • Shallow Water Drive for cruising to shore
  • Over-rev limiter
  • Audible warning of low oil pressure
  • Easy-fold handle design for storage & portability
  • Large comfortable-to-use carry handle
  • Optional dual-thrust propeller - high-thrust in forward and reverse

B 6hp

Whether you enjoy the thrill of water sports or just relaxing on your boat, choose the engine that helps you get more out of your time on the water.

B 6hp B 6hp B 6hp B 6hp
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    Key Features

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      Latest-generation engine design - efficiency and power

      The B 6hp is a very compact and super-efficient engine design, with twin cylinder, SOHC (Single Overhead Camshaft) configuration. The stylish top cowling and graphics also reflect the modern design approach to be found on all our latest-generation engines.

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      Advanced tiller handle design and controls

      For the B 6hp, a fully ergonomic design approach has been adopted for the tiller handle and controls. The handle is a very convenient length and the shift lever is ideally positioned on the handle itself, within easy reach, for confident, relaxed control. The easy-fold-up handle arrangement makes carrying and storage very convenient.

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      Rest pad for vertical storage position

      This exciting engine features some other very practical refinements that make storage a breeze. The special rest-pad allows you to store the B 6hp vertically - or simply lie it on its back on the deck or floor - and with the new fold-back tiller handle, you can be sure that your outboard will be taking up less space on board or at home.

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      Fresh Water Flushing system

      An easy-access, front-mounted connector allows you to easily flush salt and dirt from the waterways without having to run the engine: just connect a hose and you're ready to go. This is a very efficient way to reduce corrosion and extend the life of your outboard.

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      Shallow Water Drive system

      Cruise towards the shore with confidence thanks to Yamaha's Shallow Water Drive system. Offering ample protection for your propeller, it allows you to get as close as you need to be, no matter whether you're cruising a murky lake or the crystal clear shallows of the sea.

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      Yamaha's Ideal Anti-corrosion Protection

      You need an engine you can rely on and Yamaha outboards are renowned for their durability – which also means they hold their value. While a unique YDC-30 aluminium alloy protects the engine's exterior parts, a zinc coating, high-quality stainless steel, and 5-stage exterior coating offer long-lasting protection - inside and out.

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      Optional Dual-thrust props for maximum power in Forward & Reverse

      Specially available on the B 6hp , the dual-thrust propeller is not only of a larger than normal diameter, but have low pitch blades, designed to maximize thrust in both Forward and - by re-directing the exhaust flow - in Reverse too. This gives greater maneuverability, which is especially helpful when handling a heavier boat.

    Technical Specifications

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    • Engine
      Engine type
      No. of cylinders/Configuration
      2/In-line, SOHC
      Bore x stroke
      56.0 mm x 43.0 mm
      Prop shaft output at mid range
      4.4kW / 5,500 rpm
      Full Throttle Operating Range
      5,000 - 6,000 rpm
      Lubrication system
      Wet sump
      Fuel Induction System
      Ignition / advance system
      Starter system
      Gear ratio
      2.08 (27:13)
    • Dimensions
      Transom height
      S: 431mm L:558mm
      Fuel tank capacity
      separate, 12litres
      Oil pan capacity
      0.8 litres
      Weight without propeller
      38 kg – 41 kg
    • Additional Features
      Tiller handle, Remote Control
      Trim & Tilt method
      Manual Tilt
      Light coil / Alternator Output
      12V -6Awith rectifier/regulator**
      Options available
      The kW data in this sheet is based on the ICOMIA 28 standard, measured at the prop shaft

    Uvek nosite kacigu, zaštitu za oči i zaštitnu odeću. Yamaha preporučuje sigurnu vožnju i poštivanje drugih vozača. Fotografije prikazane u ovoj brošuri prikazuju profesionalne vozače u kontrolisanim uslovima. Specifikacije Yamaha proizvoda predmet su promene bez prethodne najave i mogu se razlikovati u skladu sa zahtevima i uslovima. Za više informacija obratite se svom Yamaha trgovcu.


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