These little runabouts are always ready

These tough little runabouts are ideal for small boat tender duties or just for messing around on the water. You can inflate or pack it away in minutes using the standard air pump, while the lightweight slatted floor simply rolls up – and your YAM is easily stowable in a boat locker, car trunk or even a cupboard at home.

Use the strong aluminium oars, with their easy-stow tube clips and sturdy rowlocks – or fit a Yamaha outboard or electric drive. Either way, you’ll be delighted with one of these stylish little runabouts.

At a glance

  • Great as a user-friendly tender or family runabout
  • Small and easy to fold and stow-away
  • Provides a stable and comfortable ride
  • Very easy to control and manoeuvre
  • PVC covered transom reinforced for a Yamaha outboard motor or electric drive
  • Premium quality material and production methods (like glue-less hot welding)
  • The perfect partner for a Yamaha outboard engine

YAM 240T

Jump into a YAM and join the thousands of happy owners cruising round the ports, marinas and inland waters of Europe. Renowned for their simple, stylish designs, ease of use and optimal value for money, Yam inflatables help people get out on the water more easily – and have more fun.

YAM 240T
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    Key Features

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      Proven match to Yamaha Electric Drives

      Our Tender-series YAM inflatables are making a great combination with the Yamaha Electric Drives. The quiet, clean and easy to use and maintain package works especially great as tender. Of course, our Yamaha engineers have designed and tested these boats to also be a perfect match for our small outboards motors.

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      Light, compact but strong slatted floor

      Our Tender-series inflatables have a unique slated floor, which makes the boats even smaller to fold-away. This especially is the case for our smallest Tender boat, the YAM 200T. Of course, the tenders are designed to remain stiff and strong when inflated and in use.

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      Easy to transport

      Every YAM comes with everything needed for instant boating enjoyment. The strong carrying bag is convenient for stowing your YAM in a car boot or on a roof rack – and the floors, seats and fittings are all very simple to install. A powerful air pump is also supplied, so your YAM will be ready to go in a matter of minutes.

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      Built to take care of you

      While designing the YAM boats, our designers always kept the end-user on top of their mind – trying to make the usage as simple and safe as possible. Our ingenious high-quality air valve is a good example – exceptionally reliable and airtight, it's easy to operate and is flush with the surface of the tube, preventing snagging or discomfort, while we added the maximum pressure in writing next to the valve, so you are always sure about the pressure you should apply.

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      PVC-covered reinforced transom

      Showing our dedication to quality, we have covered our transom with black PVC. This makes the transom even more resistant to wear and tear and to UV-light, increasing its durability. Of course, the transom is specially designed and tested for a Yamaha outboard engine.

    Technical Specifications

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    • Inflatable specifications
      Overall length
      2.40 m
      1.48 m
      Max. Persons
      Max Engine Power
      3.7 kW / 5 hp
      No of air chambers
      Stowed Dimensions
      107 x 58 x 32 cm
      Floor material/type
      Wood slats
      Hull weight
      24 kg
      Max load capacity
      400 kg
      Max Tube Diameter
      39 cm

    Uvek nosite kacigu, zaštitu za oči i zaštitnu odeću. Yamaha preporučuje sigurnu vožnju i poštivanje drugih vozača. Fotografije prikazane u ovoj brošuri prikazuju profesionalne vozače u kontrolisanim uslovima. Specifikacije Yamaha proizvoda predmet su promene bez prethodne najave i mogu se razlikovati u skladu sa zahtevima i uslovima. Za više informacija obratite se svom Yamaha trgovcu.


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